Pilot, Skipper, Driving and Job Specific Eye Assessments

We understand that sometimes 20/20 vision is not enough. At Vision Care, we offer an extensive and inclusive range of eyecare services for all occupations that are in line with government and employer regulations. 

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CASA Assessments

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Our resident optometrists, Dr Andrew Nguyen and Dr Pricilla Ho are Credentialled Optometrist (CO) with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). They have comprehensive expertise in conducting aviation-related examinations tailored to meet the specific needs of pilots and all other aviation professionals.

Driver's License

Driving License Vision Care

Do you drive a truck and require a commercial license? Or are you over 80 and need to undergo your annual medical and eye exam? Vision Care are here to assist you. 

Recreational Skipper's License

Skipper. Skipper's License. Boat.

Located just 10 minutes from Fremantle, we see a large number of sailing enthusiasts. You might be one of them! If you are looking to become your own skipper and need obtain a Recreational Skipper’s License, come Vision Care.

Occupation Specific Eye Exams

Are you looking to join the army, become a police officer or does your job require you have certain visual standards? Vision Care offers a wide range of occupational specific eye tests that adhere to government regulation and to meet your employer’s needs.

What else that can be done?

Studies have shown that spending on average 90 minutes a day outdoors, having an appropriate near working distance and taking regular breaks from screens/near-work every hour may also help to reduce the rate of myopia progression.